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Prof. Nunzio Tuccitto

Associate Professor

- Department of Chemical Sciences, University of Catania
- Prof. of Environmental Physical Chemistry
- Prof. of Physical Chemistry of Materials

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My research

Nowadays, my scientific activity is focused on:

Molecular Communication

Remote communication between electronic devices is an open and active research subject. Nowadays we mainly communicate by transferring information via electromagnetic communication. However, this approach is not universally applicable. Nature faced and solved this problem by means of a strategy based on the release molecules acting as “chemical messengers”... [read more]

Big data treatment

Thanks to the capabilities of the modern analytical technologies, the typical dataset may contain thousands of information, the amount of information to deal with is accordingly large so that data reduction techniques become indispensable for extracting the most significant information from the given dataset ... [read more]

Flying Chemosensors

"We have developed a new system for the detection of chemical substances that is based on the use of drones for their rapid detection" says Prof. Tuccitto, chemist physicist of the University of Catania "the drone is a suitable means to move, quickly and accurately, for the mapping of large areas. For this reason we decided to install a series of sensors on the drone, creating a small, but effective, flying chemical laboratory". [read more]


Smart and innovative packaging, post-harvest rot management and shipping of organic citrus fruit.
The Project has been selected for funding in call PRIMA SECTION 2 - 2019 The overall objective of the project is to increase the efficiency, sustainability and competitiveness of the post-farming processing chain of organic citrus fruit, by intervening in points of weakness and the unresolved problems of this supply chain. [read more]









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